• The Mt Baker Ultra Marathon is a close course. This includes the glacier travel section. 
  • While on the glacier all competitors must be clipped into a fixed rope at all times. 
  • No crewing outside of the Kulshan campground aid station.
  • No pacing allowed on the course. 
  • Runners may be held responsible for their friends, family and crews actions. Let's all be respectful of our opportunity to play in the mountains and ensure that the race will have a future. 
  • Treat staff and volunteers with respect, do not argue with them. Take up any issues with the race director directly. 
  • No littering, this includes raw food or peels. There will be trash containers along the course. 
  • If you are asked to withdraw from the race for safety, medical or other reasons by AAI staff or an aid station captain, please respect their decision.