Gear Requirement 

Drop bag - Purchase a large duffel bag for your aid station 3 drop bag. Please have all your gear fit inside this bag, and not tied to the outside. When returning from the mountain, place all your gear in the duffel bag so we can get it all back to you.

Racers must have the following gear with you leaving aid station 3:

  • medium sized backpack for the climb.

  • headlamp

  • climbing helmet

  • climbing harness

  • ice axe or whippet

  • 2 standard non locking carabiners for your lanyard. Note: do not use the magnetic locking carabiners, they will freeze shut.
    More info on the lanyard set up TBA.

  • crampons with 1 inch teeth (no Yack tracks or Micro spikes) Kahtoola or other strap on types okay.

  • polarized sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • 2 liter water container

Clothing - absolutely no cotton

  • extra upper base layer

  • puffy upper insulation layer - down or synthetic loft

  • waterproof jacket with hood

  • waterproof shell pants

  • waterproof gloves

  • waterproof boots or shoes

  • gaiters

  • beanie

  • 1 extra pair wool socks

Suggested items: 

  • snowshoes - On average the snow will be hard on the way up in the early morning and soft and punchy on the return. Lightweight running snowshoes are recommended. You may temporarily drop these at any aid station on the ascent but must pick them up and return them to your drop bag.

  • Trekking poles with baskets - You may use trekking poles throughout the course. While on the fixed ropes you must have your ice axe in hand.

  • A towel to dry off

  • Clean dry cloths and shoes for the return run to the finish or if you miss the cut off and have to wait for a ride back to the finish.