The Course 

The course is a 56 mile out and back from the town of Concrete Washington to Sherman Peak. Competitors will cover 47 miles of gravel Forest Service roads, 6 miles of snow trail and over 3 miles of glacier travel. The high point of the course is Sherman Peak at 10,160ft with an overall elevation gain of roughly the same. All glacier travel will require participants to wear a harness along with other mandatory gear and ascend and descend fixed ropes flanking the entirety of the Squak glacier. This is an extreme mountain event, snow conditions, weather, elevation and exhaustion add to it’s difficulty. High winds, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, lightning and avalanches can occur at anytime, you are entering this race at your own risk. 

The race starts Sunday June 2nd at 12:00 AM, take note of this start time. The time limit is 18 hours with a cut off at 6:00 PM. Runners must reach Sherman Peak by 11:00 AM. Additional cut offs are being reviewed for the 2019 race.

Aid stations
There will be 6 aid stations along the course. You will arrive at aid stations 1-5 twice. Aid stations 1-3 will be fully stocked with you typical ultra food. Glacier aid stations 4-6 will have limited amount of food and water. You must take enough food and gear to be self sufficient on the mountain section.

Drop bag
There is one drop bag location, this is at aid station 3 snowline. This is where you will pick up your mountaineering pack and transition from the run to the climb. On the return trip you may drop your mountaineering gear here and run to the finish. Bags will be returned to the start finish by 6:00 PM.

Course map
CLICK HERE to go to the course map.