Not an experienced mountaineer? that's okay. We’ve created a course that allows for the aspiring mountaineer to reach the 10,160ft summit of Sherman peak. We strongly encourage you to take a basic mountaineering course if you have not. You must be confident in your ability to self arrest and know how to properly use your equipment. We screen racers prior to entry into the race. Please understand this is for safety reasons.

To be accepted into the Mount Baker Ultra you must send us a resume.

  • Email us a brief resume highlighting your ultra running / mountaineering or endurance background. It does not need to specifically be mountaineering or ultra running related, are you a whitewater kayaker, endurance cyclist or open water swimmer? We are looking for your ability to be self sufficient in physically demanding, remote and difficult situations.

  • You must have completed a 50 mile ultra with 8,000ft of gain in 2019 or before race day. Contact us for entry alternatives.

  • The Mount Baker Ultra is a 56 mile out and back and it’ll make you as tired as running a 100 miles, so it’d be good if you know what that feels like.