The Mount Baker Marathon was thought up in 1909 by a group of Bellingham mountaineers and businessmen. They would soon organize to become the Mount Baker Club and host the first Mount Baker Marathon in 1911. The race was held for three years from 1911-1913. There are countless stories to be told from those early editions of the race. And though the race drew the attention of professional and international runners, after the third year and several near tragic accidents and some calling the race a human horse race, the Mt Baker Marathon was ended. 

The races origin story is told in the documentary "The Mountain Runners". You can stream the full documentary by renting it through the Play store or Itunes by going to the The Mountain Runners website.  


Our story begins in 2013 with the first group run organized to show that a ultra marathon could be run from town to the summit and back safely. Since then 3 successful runs have been completed and 15 runners have made the journey to the summit and back. Read the latest Bellingham Herald article here and watch as we recap the 2016 group run in the Ginger Runner episode below.