Frequently Asked Quetions 

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How do I follow the race?
Race updates will be posted on our facebook page CLICK HERE
Please be patient as there is no cell coverage on the course. We will update as often as we can from the Start / Finish in Concrete. 

Why does the race start at midnight?    
The race starts at 12:00 AM June 4th 2017. Runners will hit the mountain around 4 AM with day break following shortly after. The cooler temps in the early morning help stabilize the snow making it safer for all. 

Will I be able to run on the Glacier while on the fixed ropes? 
Yes, if you can! You will need clip in and out of each section of rope and be courteous when passing.  There will be roughly 3 miles of snow travel between Schieber's Meadow and the Squak Glacier, you may run or glissade this section of the course. 

Can I use skis? 
Sorry skis are not allowed. You may bring a piece of plastic, pad or garbage bag to glissade down, on the off rope section, but you must carry these with you and they can not be attached to your feet. 

What is the prize? 
The first place male and female will receive a free Mount Baker Experience flight tour sponsored by Snowking Aviation. 

What happens if there's a storm?
If there's a storm on the mountain, the race will continue as high up the mountain as safely possible with the turn around point being moved to match. This may eliminate the glacier section of the course. There are no refunds just because the course does not end up reaching the summit. Extra consideration for priority entry into the following years race will be considered.

Can I use trekking polls? 
You may use trekking polls with wrist straps or leashes on any section of the course. Note that polls may interfere with traversing the fixed rope, you may want to consider only carrying one with you up and down glacier section. You may not cache, pick up or hand off polls anywhere out side of an aid station. You may pick them up or drop them off at any of the aid stations that have a drop bag. 

Is there a place to stay close the the start?
Yes, there's a small hotel in down and cabins near by. These will fill fast but there's plenty of lodging within an hour in Mount Vernon. We're working with the local lodging options to bring you the best deal so check with us first. There will be some free tent camping close to town and there are Forest Service campgrounds at Baker Lake. 

Can I park my van / RV near the start? 
Yes, There will be free 24 hour parking in town within walking distance to the start. There are also full service RV parks near by.