Frequently Asked Quetions 

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How do I follow the race?
The 2018 race will have live tracking. Check back here race weekend for the link. 
Check our facebook page for race day updates
Please be patient as there is no cell coverage on the course. We will update as often as we can from the Start / Finish in Concrete. 

Why does the race start at midnight?    
The 2018 race starts Sunday 12:00 AM June 3rd. We start the race at 12:00 AM so that runners reach the mountain at day break when the snow is still hard, making the ascent and overall finish times faster. 

Will I be able to run on the glacier while on the fixed ropes? 
Yes, but extreme caution must be taken when traversing the fixed ropes. Each section of rope is 100 meters between anchor point. You'll need to come to a complete stop to clip between sections. You must also stop when passing other racers. At all times you should maintain a pace that will allow you to self arrest in case of a fall. 

Can I use skis? 
No, skis are not allowed. 

What happens if there's a storm?
If there's a storm on the mountain the race will continue as high up the mountain as safely possible with the turn around point being moved to match. This may eliminate the glacier section of the course. There are no refunds if we have to shorten the course for safety reasons.

Can I use trekking polls? 
Yes, take in consideration that on the glacier section of the course you're required to have either an ice axe or whippet for self arrest. Don't forget to make sure you have a baskets on your poles. 

Is there a place to stay close the the start?
Yes, there's a small hotel in town and cabins near by. These will fill fast but there's plenty of lodging within 30 min of town.
Forest Service campgrounds at Baker Lake are a good option for tent camping. 

Can I park my van / RV near the start? 
Yes, There will be 24 hour parking in town within walking distance to the start. There are also full service RV parks near by.