Entry fee is $395

Registration is hosted at UltraSignup.com   
Refund Policy: No refunds after April 30th - entries may be defered to 2019 or transerfered to qualified runners with prior appoval. 

Our Mission: 
To revive the Mt. Baker Marathon and carry on its mission to promote Mt. Baker as a recreation destination. In doing so the Mount Baker Ultra is supporting an effort to build a 100 plus mile trail system from Bellingham to Mt. Baker and back. Known as the Bellingham-Mt. Baker trail, the trail is in the early stages of planning and implantation. When completed the trail will allow those with enough determination to start at the edge of the bay and reach the summit and return under there own power. Your participation in the Mt. Baker Ultra will help fund planning & construction of the trail. See the proposed trail on the map below.


Please note that the Bellingham-Mt. Baker trail is not the race route. 

Bellingham Mount Baker Trail.jpg